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Jensen's Septic and Sewer Services

Septic Tank Cleaning

Jensen's Excavating is a licensed septage hauler (# 80-24) and has the ability to pump your residential or commercial septic tanks. Tanks should be cleaned every 3 - 4 years depending on size and usage.

Having your septic tank cleaned on a regular basis helps to ensure you get the longest possible service life from your sewage system. Accumulated sludge, if not removed, will enter the secondary disposal area (dry-well, drain field or drain bed) and shorten the useful life. A properly functioning tank allows only the clearer effluent (water) to leave the tank into the secondary disposal through the outlet baffle. Feel free to complete our pump request form to schedule your next cleaning.

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Typical Septic Tank Diagram

Septic System Installation and Repair 

We install septic tanks, sewage pumps, and drain fields as needed for new construction and replacement systems per local health department regulations. We have extensive experience installing and repairing systems in the following counties:

  • Van Buren
  • Allegan
  • Berrien
  • Kalamazoo

If you are experiencing a sewer back-up, we can pump your tank or clean your drain lines to determine the cause of your problem.

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Septic Tank and Sewer - Installation and Repair
Septic Tank and Sewer - Installation and Repair
Septic Tank and Sewer - Installation and Repair
Septic Tank and Sewer - Installation and Repair

Water and Sewer Connections

Jensen's Excavating can provide municipal water and sewer connections and repairs including the connection to your existing house plumbing. Water meters can be installed to meet local codes with the option of copper or high-density plastic piping.

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Septic System Inspection

We can inspect septic systems as part of the sale or purchase of a home. Your realtor will help you decide if this is a service that you will need as detailed in your buy/sell agreement. If you would like to request an inspection please complete the request form:

Inspection Request (PDF)

Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning service to clear sewer and septic lines. Camera sewer line inspections available with the following features:

  • Color self-leveling digital image
  • Locatable camera head to identify problem areas

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Jensen's Septic and Sewer Services